A Twist on the Kylie Effect

kylieBack in 2005, when Kylie Minogue openly shared her battle against breast cancer, many women came rushing to hospitals and clinics to get mammogram screening. This is how the term “Kylie Effect” was drawn.

She said in one of her interviews that if she has had a second opinion then the cancer would have been treated earlier and would not have caused her the pains of undergoing treatments. What happened then was that the first doctor she saw brushed-off the idea of her having cancer and it was at a more serious state when the cancer was discovered by another doctor.

You might ask what is the “twist” about in my post title. Last month, one news feature covered the spillover effects of Kylie’s proactive campaign on breast cancer awareness. One doctor said that there were a big number of women seeking to have mammogram tests although they do not show any signs of a probable cancer — signs like lumps on the breast, discharge, swelling and many more. Somehow, the Kylie Effect has brought unwanted fears along with her aggressive campaign.

[photo swiped from BBC]