No wonder you are a freebie

In my first two months here, I used a pre-paid sim card. We were not sure which provider or package would suit me at the time. Unlike before when I was still working, I had a fixed mobile phone line, which allowed me to make phone calls and sms to my heart’s content. Now that I’m a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM), I definitely do not have to make a lot of calls and send messages as before.

The downside of pre-paid though is the hassle of having to buy “load” periodically. Frequent balance checks have to be made so as not to reach a zero balance.

With that, we decided that I should get my own mobile phone line. It so happen that an Optus re-seller called our landline and offered their free mobile phone package. In short, we got the package in two weeks and it arrived with a Nokia 2760. It is an old clam shell style phone, which I find pretty hard to use for sending messages. The phone itself is small and it slips from my hand. I need to use both hands when sms-ing. Its sluggish performance adds to the delay when I try to make quick messages and therefore I would prefer to call.

But I shouldn’t complain, the phone is free and it is still a good enough back-up phone. Maybe when we have visitors here, we just need to get prepaid sim cards for them.

[photo swiped from nextmobile]