Gordon Ramsay Takes a Hit

gordon ramsay

Last month, Gordon Ramsay made headlines once more when the Catholic church made a statement that his reality shows Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares be taken off the air.

It is a known fact to many of his viewers that his cussing are at times “uncalled for”. Not that I am justifying his foul-mouth manner but his wife said that he only cusses when he is under tremendous stress. There were several occasions in his shows that he was being his jolly self and he still curses.

When Hell’s Kitchen debuted here in Sydney, I watched it from beginning to end and find the format of Kitchen Nightmares better. I think his image and skills are being made to “commercialized” that his new show lost its luster (at least for me).

Also, my husband and I have started veering away from Channel 9 whenever Ramsay is on because we fear that our daughter, 1 1/2 years old, would pick up the swear word.

  1. ay ay, I have to be extra careful about being upset when maia’s around, kasi and dami ko nang na pickup na swear words sa mga amo kong puti 🙂 When maia hears something she’s like a sponge, once she heard her dad swearing in front of his computer. A few days later I heard her say the exact same thing when her computer game went wrong. nakuuu buti nalang I managed to convince her never to say it again. Of course napagsabihan din ang ama. he he he.

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