Modern Office Fixtures

My last employer is a global investment bank. I will never forget my first impression of the company during my first day of work. Being a global bank, the office layout is different yet functional. There are rows upon rows of tables with low partitions. Each table has two sets of monitors set side by side.

There is a digital signage attached to the ceiling near the main door, which displays the crawling current time and date in Singapore. Under the signage are about four digital clocks (if I remember correctly), which show the local time in the UK, US, Hong Kong and Japan.

I have many good memories of that company, it being my last employer in Singapore. I don’t think I’ll ever find another company with modern and high-tech features as that one.

Today, I am still making our little home office as cozy as possible, any ideas?

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  1. My favorite office was one that included a small couch – great for informal meetings, as well as for quick rests on stressful days! Highly recommended!

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