IO Error - Wordpress 2.5.1


This error occurs during image uploads. It is kind of irritating when you are in the course of creating a post and at the point of adding the image/s, it suddenly won’t load!

The first time I encountered this, I searched high and low for answers from forums to many, many techie blogs. Some offered work-arounds that really didn’t work for me. For one, changing folder permissions to 777 is not safe (at least that’s what i know), second the error is intermittent.

So I formed another work-around. Although it is not solving the problem (hey, that’s why it’s called a work-around), it works for me each time. Just log-off (save your drafts, okay?) and log back in. Presto! I was able to upload images again.

I’m sure the WordPress guys have this on their list of bug-fixes so this work-around will do for now.

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  1. log-out and back in did not seem to work for me. i logged in through IE though and i could upload. who knows what on earth is going wrong… thx for the tip. it lead me to the right way 😉

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