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Maintaining three active blogs is no joke. Aside from filling them up with new ideas for contents, I need to be conscious of SEO and readership. It doesn’t help that a simple thing such as ‘dressing’ up a blog can be a tedious thing to do (this blog is a good example in itself– i still haven’t found the ‘right’ template!). There are hundreds upon hundreds of wordpress templates that are both free and premium but the question is often, which design fits my overall theme?

In my attempt to help fellow bloggers in this long and winding search for free wordpress themes, I have listed some links that I have come across in my own hunt for a suitable theme.


  1. 21 Fresh, Usable and Elegant WordPress Themes
  2. 100 Excellent Free WordPress Themes
  3. WP Theme Spot
  4. BG Themes
  5. Best WP Themes
  6. CSS Juice
  7. WP Theme Viewer (of course!)
  8. New WordPress Themes
  9. WordPress Start
  10. WP Snap

Straight from the Author

  1. Fahlstad Design
  2. Poxline
  3. Shattered Pixie
  4. Ericulous
  5. Brian Gardner
  6. Solo Stream – mostly premium
  7. Magnus Jepson

If you have other links in mind and would like to share them here, please leave me a note and I will add them on the list. Thanks!

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