[WW] So Much to See and Do in NYC

When we were planning for our New York City trip in 2005, we knew that spending less than a week there is not enough. However, due to time constraints, we compressed our schedule so that we can visit most of the highlights there.

It was tiring to say the least. It was like every hour was critical for us that we should spend it wisely. There are a lot of buses offering NYC tours but we chose to tour the city on foot.

Overall, it was an amazing experience. I took as many photos as I can and I didn’t even let pass taking a shot of the door of Donald Trump’s office. There is so much history in every corner and every spot in that city. There is so much color and life to the structures and parks that I can sit contently while I watch the busy New Yorkers pass by.

Next time we get the chance, I will be more equipped to plan for our trip there. I’m sure that we’ll have a grand time again. We will not only visit the places we missed but we can also visit my in-laws in nearby New Jersey and Philadelphia.

Not really wordless today, but I can’t help but share about New York!


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