Help Within Your Reach

I hear many people say that success in marriage can be achieved with love, commitment and faith in God. While I do agree in that framework, I think it is also critical that the couple is surrounded by friends and family who can provide support when the rough and tough times come. And in situations that call for professional help, there are experts in the field of counseling that couples going through a “rough patch” can consult with.

The internet has a wealth of information on counseling clinics, the type of counseling required and of course, the counselors. is a good example of an online directory where these types of information can be found. The clinics’ location is mainly in the US and Canada. If you hop to the Counseling Oakland page, a thorough list of counselors, registered psychologists and areas of practice are listed.

I find it amusing though that the website offers an “E-counseling” option. With just a few clicks, the website will display a page where the available E-counselors are listed together with the means of communication, whether by phone, email or instant messaging. I admire how the field of counseling has widened its reach through technology.

I guess there shouldn’t be any reason for anybody to feel alone or left out when going through marital, personal or career issues. is a good source of counseling and support.