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If money were not an issue, our home would have a lot of high-tech gadgets. I would love to have a huge high-definition TV with matching entertainment system, a cool stereo components system, a Bose IPOD dock, a spanking Powerbook and the list just goes on and on.

When I stumbled upon this awesome website called, I saw more home gadgets with corresponding technology reviews. The particular buyer in me likes the general reviews as well as user reviews. Each product has a user rating, which is definitely a plus. The images used are of good quality and the item specifications are pretty clear.

This site also has a Top 10 list for items highly recommended by users. As they are neatly categorized, it makes it even easier for potential buyers to choose a product. On it’s sidebar, there’s even a Hot 5 list. This website is definitely helpful and a must have on my bookmarks.

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  1. Thanks for the post. I checked out the link and found it was quite useful.

    I think that the point is there should be a better coverage for tech stuff and if there are more sites that really helps for the cause.

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