Traveling with Little Kids

It is not easy to travel with kids. There is so much planning and preparations involved that many parents I’m sure are putting off traveling because of these. First, packing for long haul trips and long-term stays require careful organization of the kids’ foods, toys and clothes.

Second, all the luggage must be manageable enough to carry around aside from the prams and the diaper bags. I see kids luggage sold in malls and I think for kids age 4 and up, they can very well drag those little, pretty disney luggage on their own. There are those that can be used as stool for the kids so that it serves a dual purpose.

Lastly, the parents, especially the moms, need to have a lot of patience and creativity when bringing their kids to trips. In my experience, I make sure that I have memorized enough children’s songs, ready toys in my own bag and nibblers to distract my little girl when she’s nearly throwing a tantrum or just won’t sit still.