A Blogger's Plea

We have this habit or attitude called “ningas kugon” in Filipino, which connotes a behavior or action not meant to last*. This has been my feeling towards blogging this year. I’ve had the grandest of plans for all my three blogs. I want to:

1. Share my (personal blog’s) domain to other bloggers.
2. Put up a photo-blog.
3. Initiate the SEO tips and tricks on all my blogs.
4. Post regularly on my working sites.

I have started work on all four, but to date, I haven’t finished any of them. Boo. There are even days when I slack and let paid opportunities pass by. Silly me. I know others miss sleep just tracking their accounts for assignments. I should change my attitude. Soon. Now.

Time will come that I have to drop personal and paid blogging all together and now that I have the time, I should enjoy it. What I promise to myself now is to implement the changes I want in the coming days. All it takes is prioritization and time management.

[*Source: www.seasite.niu.edu]

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