Buon Viaggio!

With my ever-increasing interest in photography, it is my wish to someday visit Europe with my family and be able to take photos of Venice, Tuscany, Paris and many of its other beautiful cities. I have seen enough movies and travel shows shot in Europe to fall in love with those places and it has been a dream to see them all.

I don’t mind staying at any of the cheap Paris hotels (or in any of those cities) so long as we maximize to visit the highlights of the place. We definitely need a good hotels guide, a map and a plan so that we won’t miss to see want we came to see.

Remember the movie, Under the Tuscan Sun? I can watch the film over and over again and won’t get tired looking at the sceneries. To experience the rich history and culture of the key cities in Europe will be an awesome experience.

I hope that that someday will be soon. It is better to go on a Europe tour while we’re still young. When we are still able to endure long walks and long drives. But one thing is for sure; my family will enjoy that tour as much as I will.