Ciao, Bella!

What makes a trip to Europe more appealing is being able to touch base with relatives at the same time. My uncle and aunt are based in Naples, Italy, and since their move there years ago; they have always asked our family to visit them.

My cousins were able to go to Europe and see them in 2005. They were taken to lovely places in Rome like the famous Trevi Fountain, Piazza San Pietro and a lot more. Looking at their photos made me so envious!

In one of our conversations with my uncle and aunt, they mentioned that they currently live in a navy housing. I take it that it is enough to house a small family but definitely not two families. At a future prospect of visiting them, they offered that we can squeeze in with them or we can check out the Rome vacation rentals widely available there.

It is a good idea to book in Rome rather than in Naples so that we’re in close proximity to the main attractions. Nowadays, there are so many websites for vacation home rentals like Vacation Rental Rome. I bet when the time comes that my husband gives a green-light to a Europe tour, I will be the first to check out this website.

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