Dreaming of a 40D

Too much time spent browsing photography gadgets made me want to upgrade my camera body. I had budget set for a flash, two Canon lens hood and a memory card. But seeing the Canon 40D at a low price (I heard a new model will be released in two months), I am so tempted to buy.

I’m giving myself until tomorrow to decide. The store needs a few days to prepare the orders and then my husband will pick them up for me later this week. Inny Minny Miny Moe, should I buy or let it go?

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  1. […] Today is a special Friday. In fact, I’m feeling giddy as I’m typing this and it’s all because, I’m expecting my new baby to arrive today! After researching, analyzing and praying about it, I’ve decided to invest on a Canon 40D. […]

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