Home Furnishing

The next exciting thing that comes after purchasing your own home is shopping for furniture. There is definitely a type of antique or modern furniture that would suit any theme chosen for each room in the house.

I would love our lounge area to-be to be a bit colorful, with bright wall paintings, comfy sofas and lots of pillows. The living room will have less modern furniture but more antique pieces. The colors will be neutral yet not the dull shades. Most of the decorations will be cool to eyes and will bring a homey feeling.

The other rooms in the house will have different themes, too. Our family room to-be will have a mix of casual and modern furniture. Since this room will hold most of the simple get-togethers like DVD nights or when you just want to listen to music, the ambiance should definitely be easy-going.

It is very expensive to furnish a home so there should be a good balance between must-haves and nice-to-haves.