Too Sweet for Our Own Good

We have been indulging in sweets lately. Aside from the usual stock of chocolate bars in the fridge, we have fruit salad, muffins and fruits. Well, it is safe to say that fruits can be taken out of the list but then our overall dessert servings may be getting a bit out of proportion.

Aside from getting diabetes (which already runs in my husband’s family), it is our weight that we should be conscious about. With our daily schedules that keep us busy, my husband with work and I at home, we can’t commit to an exercise regime anymore.

When it comes to losing weight, many consider diet pills or cheap phentermine as fall back. Some swear by its safety and effectiveness. I have friends who achieved their desired weight just by taking these pills. But hopefully, it won’t come to a point where out of carelessness with our food intake, we’d resort to drastic dieting.