The Heat is "On"

In a little over two months, the US will have a new President. Both contenders for this top post have officially accepted their party nominations and therefore marked the start of the 60-day campaign.

During the televised rallies and conventions, it is noticeable that many celebrities from the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Jessica Alba support Barack Obama. Winfrey was even in tears after Barack’s acceptance speech.

The supporters of the first African-American presidential candidate wear Obama t-shirts or sweatshirts, put up posters and flags to help in the campaign.

This is indeed a tight presidential race. People all over the world have their eyes on the US. I, too, have been following the news and campaign-related updates. I have never been this interested with the US politics. Like most of us, I wish for the best candidate to win and for the country to be in a better economic state.