Compare and Select

Many people are easily tempted to collect credit cards. It doesn’t help that nowadays, almost all credit companies send pre-approved cards often with high credit limits. Unless the recipient has good sense of control over his/her spending, the risk starts once the credit card is made ready for use.

There is a company called that helps to check for suitable credit cards depending on the financial standing and spending needs of a person. There are a lot of different types out there but what I would look out for is a low interest credit card.

Ideally though, the safest of all to use are pre-paid debit cards. Having to set a spending limit is easier than working to pay for credit interests alone.

  1. hi tin!

    if you’re getting a sat nav, i think navman is better. G bought a tomtom only to be given a company vehicle with navman installed. navman’s better and quicker at giving alternative directions if there are hold ups than tomtom.

    1. hi denden! i appreciate your inputs! i asked a friend here too and she recommended navman! 🙂

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