A Common Skin Disorder

Do you have family or friends who have psoriasis? Well, I do. An aunt of mine discovered that she has this skin disease when she turned 30. It started on her hands and slowly crept along her arms. The condition worsened when she was still living in the Philippines. With the weather mostly sunny, her skin was almost always dry despite her continuous lotion application. Ever since she moved to San Francisco, USA, her skin has been better. Although she goes for treatment still, at least the discomfort she felt during hot and humid weather is now gone.

A knowledge base for psoriasis skin care called PsoriasisTx can be found on the Internet. It is created to provide an understanding of the various treatments and therapy through programs spearheaded by this company. There are research articles available for public viewing in one of the site pages which will educate psoriasis sufferers on the disease’s origin and the available treatments. Also, dermatology professionals provide answers to more specific areas of this disease, which can be found on a dedicated Q&A site page.

My aunt should benefit from this site. Hopefully, it will give her new insights on her current skin condition and a probable cure even.