Slik or Manfrotto?

I’m choosing between a Slik and Manfrotto tripod.  I’ve been warned that Manfrotto’s build is usually heavy but no one can contest about its popularity among photography pros and hobbyists alike.  Now I’m torn whether to get this Manfrotto model (picture below) or stick to a cheaper and lighter Slik model.  The Manfrotto unit already weighs about 2kgs and with the weight of my DSLR about 1.5kg plus the lens, which is roughly another .5 kg, I might end up crippled with the weight I have to carry!  I’ll check with some of my friends and ask about what they think.

Manfrotto 055x Pro

[image source:–804-RC2-head]

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  1. […] Chatswood and I bought my tripod there. I ended up with a Manfrotto brand, which was on sale. The one I had planned to get, the one with ‘clips’ and not ‘screw’ to pull out the legs, is priced 100AUD higher than […]

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