Avoiding Medical Alerts

When my grandparents were still alive, my parents were always worried about possible emergency situations that might occur because of their health and old age. Although they lived with a house help, it was not possible to monitor every move that my grandparents made.

I read in a book that most senior people want to hold on to the freedom that they had when they were young. The transition from being independent to dependent and having to live with extra caution for the rest of their lives are just difficult.

With today’s technology, medical alerts in the family can now be monitored without being intrusive. A fall alert detector can be installed in the home, which triggers an alarm to an emergency staff once it senses an accident or collapse.

There is also a GPS tracking device that can be worn like a bracelet, wherein it serves as a phone of some sort. The elder can get help for emergency cases. It can also serve as a monitoring tool if the elder has memory problems and the location needs to be traced.

The wonders of high-tech gadgets – aren’t they amazing? If my parents knew about these, they would have bought them to avoid medical alerts.