More Hosting Options

Most of my friends who have computers at home own a blog. It is not surprising though because there are a lot of free hosted online journals nowadays. But for me, nothing beats a self-hosted blog using the awesome platform, WordPress.

At first, it can be intimidating for a non-technical person to dive into the world of self-hosting. But with ample time devoted to research and seeking advice from other bloggers, managing your own blog or website can be a pleasant experience. For web host requirements, Fat Jack Hosting is a reputable company that offers shared, dedicated or private web hosting, 24/7 support and domain registration.

What I like about the company is that they offer CPanel, the best front-end configuration application there is. They are also in partnership with big companies like IBM, Novell, McAfee, among the few. This only shows that customers are in good hands with this hosting company.