Antivirus Products and Solutions

My personal laptops are both due for anti-virus software renewal. Knowing how the licenses get really expensive, I’m scouting possible alternatives to my current installed security software. My laptop was once attacked by an ad virus and it was a pain to run different anti-virus programs.

Apart from the popular security suites in the market, there’s a brand called Cyber Defender that offers the same virus protection at lesser price. They have both antivirus products and anti-spyware which for me are must-buys. Although there are freeware available for downloads off the Internet, they will not give full security compared to complete software packages. They‘ve got live technical support and one of their products has a 2GB online backup offer. Also, big companies have subscribed to Cyber Defender’s products, which should boost consumer confidence.

I’ve read once in the paper that spammers will likely increase in the months to come and that should already be a warning to us, computer users. I have already bookmarked their website and will work on buying a license soon. The Internet has become a big part of my day to day life and I don’t want to open up avenues for any computer virus attack.