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I almost lost my temper last week when I dealt with the customer service people of our current ISP. We lost our internet connection for four days and no one could pinpoint the problem that long.

I fully understand how technical support works, with my experience dealing with my SAP (an IT software) end-users before. So, what was irritating (to say the least) was the incompetence displayed by two of their support people who gave us every bit of misleading information related to our issue.

My husband took time-off to bring what was to be a “faulty” modem complete with the adaptor, splitter and Cat5e patch cable for repair. He spent a good deal of time at their office only to find out later on (with my help to troubleshoot) that the problem is with our phone line and not the modem.

It was emotionally exhausting. I am just delighted to know that the phone company obliged to fix the fault in less than 24 hours.

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  1. How frustrating. However, based on my experience and stories from others, your ability to get hte phone linke fixed in 24 hours is miraculous – hare your secret?

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