Something's Cooking

My photography classes will conclude soon and I’ve started to think of other things I could sink my teeth into. Apart from taking additional workshops, likely in the area of photo enhancements or people photography, I’m also seriously considering enrolling for short cooking lessons.

My family loves to eat and with that it follows that we enjoy home cooked meals so much. And what better way to nurture my inclination to cook but to get trained in a good culinary school. Culinary schools in the US have exciting opportunities for learning and potential careers in the field.

I may not be keen to pursue it as a career but peeking at the online guide for culinary arts schools and training does spark my interest to learn the skill. The scope of this guide is pretty extensive as it covers the major states and it highlights known culinary schools in the US. Cooking just like photography is a craft that can be honed with enough patience, devotion and a big doze of passion. I wonder where my inclination for cooking will lead me.