A Bit Sentimental

I am expecting to spend yet another long night in front of my computer today. Not to blog but to do our final project presentation for tomorrow’s photography workshop. I feel a bit sentimental that tomorrow’s our last day of the 8th week course. It’s too soon to end!

I enjoyed every bit of time I had in the class immensely. And I realize after this course that there’s so much, much more to learn. I crave to read more and practice more. There’s this fire in my belly that just won’t die. I love photography.

And tonight, I expect that along with the photos I’ll post produce overnight will be those annoying and ghastly acne that will show up on my forehead. It almost always happens when I lack sleep. Oh well.

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  1. wow tin! im so happy for you and sad din na matatapos na ang course mo 🙂

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