A Quick PR Update

I didn’t access my blogs last Saturday since we were away on a day trip so when I got the chance to check them the following day, I found my two “working blogs” with -1 PR.  That means less opportunities for me to work on.  What surprised me though is that the Mighty “G” didn’t put both blogs to NIL ranking.

At the same time, the husband has requested me to minimize my blogging activities (read as: stop paid blogging) and I just promised that I will be less active and just allot an hour or 2 at the most for these in a day.  There’s no point in earning a few bucks at the expense of a good night’s sleep.

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  1. So true tin 🙂
    I make that a rule for myself, offline by 10pm 🙂
    Go take you’re goodnight’s sleep 🙂

    deadma na sa PR 🙂

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