Achieve that Perfect Smile

I have many things planned for our trip back home and one of my priorities is to see my dentist. We had a pre-arranged appointment from December last year (yes, that long) and we discussed then that I just might wear braces again. I’m not happy with it, just thinking of the last time I wore them make me cringe, but I’d do anything to save my teeth.

I also enquired with the dentist about veneers. It sounds vain, I know, but it helps to know more hence I asked. But she advised that before I can go ahead with dental veneers, I need the braces first.

So there, cosmetic dentistry would have to wait for me. I hope that I can get everything done before we go back here next year. Imagine spending days of your precious vacation on a dentist’s chair? Not my idea of a good break but I have no other choice.

  1. Look after your teeth at all costs. I’ve recently changed my dentist to one nearer my home. My old dentist gave me a hard time and said if I didn’t floss all my teeth would fall out. My new dentist says everything is fine. Floss if I want to, no problem. Who do you believe?

    1. “Look after your teeth at all costs.”

      thanks, judith. that’s the same thing my mother always tells me. i hope your happy with your new dentist.

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