MacBook or Imac?

Up to now, I still haven’t decided whether to purchase a new Dell or a MacBook Pro. I think that it’s better for me to save and be able to afford what I really need and want rather than buy in haste and regret later. But at the same time, I want to be practical! Gee.

Unlike other laptop brands where you go to a Comparison website and compare prices, brands like Dell or Apple have standard pricing across countries. No matter which website I go to, it is unlikely that I’ll get a difference in pricing unless a particular store is offering a promotion or is on sale. Although price comparison sites are pretty good for canvassing cheap laptops and accessories.

A friend suggested that I buy a desktop or an iMac instead, which is almost half the price as the laptop version. I guess it’s the flexibility of having a mobile computer that beats the price advantage. I once had a desktop and aside from mobility, its size takes up so much space. Although the screen and CPU are lighter and slimmer compared to the ones produced eons of years ago, I still feel that a desktop computer is very limiting, to say the least.