A New Marketing Tool

More often than not, I appreciate receiving newsletters about my favorite products. Especially the ones related to baby care. I would keep them in my inbox for as long as I need to because of the tips and discount deals which I find really helpful.  But then there’s the terrible spam emails, which anyone who has email address receive every single day. Aside from it being a nuisance, I find that many companies continue to abuse the benefits of email marketing. As if they encourage people to know more about what they’re selling.  It’s not fair for those legit companies who use this marketing tool to keep their loyal customers.

A new company in Australia called bigresponse.com.au offers hosted Email marketing and auto responder service. Their goal is to service small businesses, help boost their sales through automated sales promotion and announcement emails or newsletters. Let’s face it, flyers and brochures are still effective yet an expensive means to market goods or services. If majority of the customer base has Internet access, then this company can do the work for you.