A Wiggles Party

I’ve finally decided on a theme for my daughter’s birthday party in November. It’s The Wiggles! My daughter’s “favorite” of late. I have prepared a checklist for guests, things to buy and other tasks to do. It will held be at a park and I still have to ask some friends on how to reserve tables, if required.

The food will be prepared with the help of friends. With my lack of talent in the kitchen, I need all the help I can get. The menu includes easy simple appetizers, main courses and desserts, fit for a children’s party. We will start shopping for party supplies this weekend.

  1. tagal na natin hindi naka-share ng party ideas natin…i’m also gaining on my party planning…1 month to go for me. good luck to both of us!

    1. hi mamajo! thanks sa pagdalaw. we’re moving apartments so the party’s put on hold! 🙁 update you next time we chat or through email na lang.

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