Feet Fashion

Two weeks ago, we brought our daughter to the mall to get her a pair of sandals and rubber shoes. It was a bit of a challenge since she no longer stays in one place but prefers to run around. And being inside a store with shelves upon shelves of footwear is not her idea of a fun place.

Good thing she saw red boots lying on the floor. They were for sale but they probably fell from the shelf. She immediately took them and motioned for us to help her wear them. With that, I think she’ll love to wear a pair of comfy looking Blowfish shoes.

This may not be the time of year to wear them as it is nearly summer season, but the Blowfish designer shoes are too cute to be ignored. When my daughter saw a similar pair of red booties online, she immediately shouted ‘Red!’ I think she remembers the one she liked at the store.
When she grows up, I’m sure she will not have a hard time deciding on what Blowfish Women’s Shoes or boots to get. She might have better fashion sense than her mom.