Trip to the Big Apple

My cousin living in Maryland was so happy to learn about my sister’s business trip to New York that he readily promised to drive to the city just to meet with her. He also said that if both their schedules permit it, he will bring her around the city central. It is my sister’s first time to see the Big Apple and for sure she was excited. My cousin tipped that there are charter bus nyc available. He thought that my sister was traveling in a group and a big tour bus might be useful for them to see more highlights of New York City.

On hindsight, some people prefer going on bus tours while others prefer to rent a car. For me and my husband, whenever we plan for trips abroad, we assess if it’s safer and more practical to tour the spots by renting a car or joining tour groups. In places like San Francisco or Los Angeles, it is more practical to take a tour bus because driving will definitely be a challenge. For a Europe trip on the other hand, it is nicer to rent a car and have the freedom to see more places at one’s own pace.

In the end, my sister wasn’t able to tour as much as she wanted because of her hectic schedule when she was in the U.S. She was glad to have met my cousin though albeit briefly over dinner.