A Better Alternative

I first wore corrective eyeglasses when I was in high school. I remember how much I hated wearing them because the spectacles made me too self-conscious and look too old for my age. My folks encouraged me by saying that kids who wear eyeglasses look ‘scholarly’. Of course, being young and gullible, I wore them, and I wore them proud.

Those days, the frames are cheap because they are made of plastic. Nowadays, there are far better frames, made of lighter materials available. Although a bit more on the expensive side, I like titanium the best. It doesn’t leave marks even if you wear your eyeglasses the whole day. The frame doesn’t tarnish with sweat and moist.

Zennioptical.com has an online gallery of frames, some even ranging from $8. Kids who are advised to wear corrective eyeglasses don’t need expensive frames though. They tend to be less careful and vulnerable to accidents due to rough play. With that, Zenni’s cheap offerings would greatly benefit the parents in search of cheap but quality eyeglasses.

How I wish this store existed eons of years ago. With their choices of simple to fancy frames, I should not have gone through that awkward stage of wearing heavy and uncomfortable eyeglasses.