Of Marketing and Promotions

It says in the news that the best time to make major purchases like cars, property or appliances is now. The interest for mortgages is dropping gradually, car companies offer huge discounts and freebies just to get rid of their inventory and appliances like flatscreen TVs are consistently on sale in most stores.

In order to maximize sales during this economic crisis, companies may consider email marketing solutions as an effective means to advertise products and services. There are businesess specializing in this service, like iContact.

Aside from bulk email marketing they can also provide survey tools that can further enhance advertising strategies or gimmicks. What’s appealing is that this marketing company has 15,000 customers, which includes some Fortune 500 companies.

I can say that this really is an effective way to boost sales.  I was drawn to buy my mac because of the promotional emails I received from Apple.  Hee.