Bathroom Talk

I must admit that often than not, I find cleaning around the house therapeutic.  It may or may not be a “normal” feeling but there is something to smelling the scent of freshly cleaned rooms or smudge-free windows and tabletops that make me happy.

But of course, there is one part of the house, which I try (if I must) to avoid cleaning myself (I willingly pass this chore to the husband..).  And that is the bathroom.  The house that we’re renting now has a glass enclosure for the shower area that is just so difficult to clean!

Anyway, not to dwell too  much on chores (who wants to talk about it anyway?), I just dream to one day have bathrooms in the house with simple accessories and furnitures (looking at the Victoria Plum series make me drool).  The toilet and bath will have a zen-like design, which will look very relaxing and of course, easy to clean!  Hee.