Personal Finances

Ever since I left the workforce, I’d say I became better at handling my personal finances. I touched my savings once or twice, that was when I bought a few gadgets last year, but other than that, my hard-earned money is still intact. Thanks to my husband, who has always been a good influence when it comes to spending.

He gave me a credit card though, an extension of what he has, but so far I have been good at using it for household expenses only. And if I had to buy something for myself (which is very seldom), that means the husband will take care of paying it in full before the due date comes.  What I like about our credit card though is that we can convert the earned points to airline rewards or travel rewards.  Not a bad deal at all.

So right now, I can say that adjusting to my “income-less” arrangement is not “death-defying” as I thought it would be.