My Dream Kitchen Helper

I’m beginning to gain interest in baking once more.  For the simple reason that I want to  add variety to our current breakfast and snack options.  Banana muffins have been a regular treat for us and soon enough I know, my “clients” (husband and daughter) will soon get tired of helping me finish the dozens I make each time.

While we were scouting for a room heater at Bing Lee’s today, I checked out a few stand mixers because in order to bake better, I need to start investing on simple kitchen appliances.  Kitchen Aid is a definite beauty but it costs too much for my use so I turned my attention to a home brand.  And because I have no knowledge about these things, I decided to mark the prices in my memory and check online for brands and popular prices.

I was browsing earlier today and thought that hand mixers just might do it for me.  It’s cheap and will still serve its purpose.  There are good brands, which I can order online.  But the best thing I should do before placing an order is to ask my friends who are kitchen experts for advice.  I’m a bit excited with this purchase because this means I don’t need to torture my hands to work on my cake mixture. Yey!