Wag the Dog

My daughter and I were walking back to the car park yesterday when she saw two puppies tied to a post at a restaurant.  The puppies were so playful, no doubt passersby took notice of them. Then a thought came to mind.  Assuming that the owners work full days during the week, do they have someone come over to their house to baby sit their pets?  Or do they enrol the puppies to something like Doggy Day Care Rozelle?

Australians no doubt love animals.  And aside from pet care shops, pet stores (e.g. pugaliers for sale sydney) there are a lot of other business I’m sure that exist to better the lives of house pets, just like the doggy day care mentioned.

  1. We used to take our dog to Doggie Day care. It made me feel better that he was being cared for during the day while no one was home at work.

  2. It must have been fun to see the puppies playing. I don’t think we’ve ever taken any of our dogs to doggie daycare though.

  3. I use to Dogsit my old neighbors pets while he was at work for dirt cheap wages but dog day care can cost as much as rent so I don’t know how some dog owners do it if they don’t have that kind of cash to fork out.

  4. Very good post — my best friend owns a Collie and he refuses to take a job where he can’t take the dog with him to work….needless to say, it’s tough for his to find a job (but he’s got money so he’s ok). 😉

  5. We have a cat, and whenever we go away for more than one night we send him to his “girlfriend” a wonderful woman who takes care of him in her own apartment so that he will not be alone without us.

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