From Bad to Worse

I noticed how my (blog) posting/writing has turned from bad to worse.  I remember how diligent I was when I started blogging, always using MS Word and its Thesaurus and spell check functions.  But as years went by and especially now that I seldom sit in front of my computer for more than 20 minutes straight, I felt more and more impatient and careless about what I publish on the Internet.

I was so conscious with my grammar, spelling and tenses before but lately, I just don’t care anymore.  But the guilt is still there.  Like I think, what if my little girl reads all the ‘garbage’ I’ve been posting on the net?  What if she turns to me and say, “Mum, you can’t correct my English because yours is just as wrong?” Sigh.

Constructing my blog entries straight on WordPress is just too convenient for me to go back to MS Word.  And the circumstances I’m in now don’t make it encouraging for me to sit long hours just to write an entry with 3-4 sentences! Sad.