Wordpress 2.8 Glitch

It’s another exciting time for WordPress users.  Release 2.8 is out and some users out there (like me) has an interesting story to share about our upgrade experience.

I have a total of six blogs.  Five of them were successfully upgraded to the new version using the one-click install (or upgrade) function.  But for some reason, the function didn’t work on my personal blog (yep, my main blog of all blogs).  As soon as I refreshed my browser, my blog went kaput!  I waited for a couple of minutes but nothing happened.

Then I tried to log in to the admin panel but even the URL doesn’t work!  Caramba!  After a few minutes of panic, I remember my back-ups.  And thank God for them! He he.  I reloaded my latest back-up and got the blog running again.

Sigh.  Now I need to figure out how to upgrade it minus the glitch.