Toys for the Little Boy

Target launched their major toy sale a few days ago and of course we had to go there to avail of the huge discounts.  Unfortunately, we were there yesterday, which is a Saturday and most of the toys I had planned of buying were off the shelves already.  Sob.

Because of that I have to resort back to online shopping and check out if the same toys and video games are available at  Hopefully the prices are reasonable.  Funny that my only nephew is pining for a Transformers robot and not the equally popular but more expensive Wii games.  He’s saving his aunt a few hundred bucks for wishing for a robot instead. Ha!

Or maybe, I should bring home our Wii console and let the kids back home enjoy it.  It doesn’t come with a lot of Wii accessories but I don’t mind buying a few (e.g. additional Wii remote or Wii steering wheel) need be.