For the Lucky Few

When I was still working, I disliked having to spend a lot of money on wardrobes.  Apart from the freedom that I had to choose the color and style I wanted for the day, it was a big downer that I had to have a decent collection of work clothes that I mixed and matched.  Otherwise, it would have seemed like I came up with some sort of work uniform I wear on schedule.

That’s where those who work in the medical field, for example, have the benefit of free hospital uniforms.  They can wear shirts or any comfortable outfit to work and put on a hospital uniform that is supplied to them.  If I’m not wrong, it is even washed and pressed for them by the hospital. Lucky, aren’t they?  And that leaves say, doctors to worry about their patients and/or research work day to day since their scrub sets (who knows even their shoes?) are all taken care of.