Our Car of Choice

Our trusty almost 3-year old car is due for maintenance.  It is my husband’s task to bring it to the shop each time and I’m not complaining.  I’m never really interested with car mechanisms, head gaskets or wheels and usually car shops here or even Los Angeles auto repair shops do not usually have comfortable lounges or cafes for long waits.  Although I don’t know these days if some repair shops have very comfortable, fully-airconditioned rooms and with free wifi to boot.

But what I do know is that we’re not paying high maintenance/check-up fees for our car compared to car brands such as Honda Civic.  That’s why even if our first car of choice was a Honda, we factored in future maintenance requirements and settled for the car that we have now.  So far, we never had engine troubles or any risky car issues and we hope that it stays that way until we decide to replace it.