A Bark and A Howl

Have you heard of dog DNA testing?  It sounds so CSI-ey for me. Hee hee.  It is my first time to hear about it and it made me curious to know what it is for.  But before I hit Google search, my hunch is that this testing helps in developing better dog breeds, among the many other purposes.  Especially so that dogs act as enforcer of peace and security anywhere from malls to airports.  Aren’t they the coolest?

  1. My husband and I dna tested our dog we adopted two years ago. It helped us understand him and his behaviors/predispositions. He is a very cool dog, and we just wanted to know where he came from and how his background played into his personality.

    Diana C

  2. I think dog DNA testing is really cool. I wish I’d thought to do it with my Rottweiler/German Shepherd mix before she died.

  3. VEry interesting even though I feel I don’t see the use in it.

  4. I think I saw dog DNA on CNN (or some other news channel)….very interesting idea. I think it’s great that it helps develop better job breeds.

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