It has been a week since I planned to buy an Ipod Touch. Part of me wants to wait until a good sale comes along but with Apple, I don’t even think it’s possible. The one that I have, which is still a 1st generation Ipod Touch is still useful but I could no longer upgrade its OS. I find that some apps are getting slow to load and in no time, I’m sure all the apps there will be obsolete.

Our Ipad, on the other hand, has become a really good tool for our little girl to get busy or should I say to relax during her downtime coming home from school. My husband also like his quick access to sports videos and news articles, while for me; it will be social networking, emailing and ebooks. It also fits nicely in a black Ipad leather case, because it looks like a portfolio rather than a gadget and it is sturdy.

Come to think of it, Apple is taking over our lives! With an iMac, a classic iPod, an iTouch and an iPad, we only need an iPhone to complete the gang! Ha ha. But I am self-confessed Mac fanatic, need I say more?