Superbly Clean Kitchens Fit for Showing Off

Superbly Clean Kitchens Fit for Showing Off


Keeping the house clean is a painstaking job that falls upon the shoulders of homemakers raising a family. The presence of children running around the house is a guarantee that there is a mess somewhere around the house that needs cleaning up. There may be some areas in the house where mess and dirt can be tolerated, but not in the kitchen. Keeping this area clean and dirt-free is essential in protecting the health of the family because this is where the food is stored and prepared. Disease causing germs can breed in ill-kept kitchens which can be passed on to family members during food preparation. Here are some tips on how to keep a clean and sparkling kitchen worthy of showing off to your visitors.

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  • 1. Adopt a “Clean as You Go” Habit. This simple routine is hardly observed in most households. A lot of people are set on prioritizing cooking or oven tasks in the kitchen and tend to tackle clean-up tasks until the meals are fully prepared. The result is often a huge mess and a sink piled with dishes and cutlery that can be quite intimidating. Cleaning-up the kitchen clutter as you work can make the job easy by because it allows you to tackle the mess before they build-up and ensure that you have enough room to work comfortably.
  • 2. Maintain Germ-Free Surfaces. Counter tops and other kitchen surfaces can build-up germs quite easily. Wiping it with a disinfectant or anti-bacterial spray on a daily basis can prevent build-up and kill any germs and bacteria that may be present. Ideally, cleanliness of kitchen surfaces needs to be checked every morning before starting work in the kitchen and every night before turning in. This should be enough to keep a sparkly clean kitchen at all times.
  • 3. Go for FIFO arrangements. FIFO or “first –in, first-out” arrangements is a tool that one can use to ensure that food stocks are consumed before their expiration dates and minimize incidents of rotting food in the storage. Place perishable items in front or in visible areas and use them while they are still fresh. Throw them away at the first signs of spoilage and don’t wait until they rot or you might find yourself with a bad smelling kitchen that attracts flies. Arrange canned or boxed foods like cereals, cookies, corned beef, etc., in such a way that the first ones to expire are placed in front and recent purchases stay at the back.
  • 4. Don’t Get Caught with a Dirty Sink. One of the things that people often look for in the kitchen is the sink. Leaving a dirty dish on the sink can create a negative impression on visitors more so if the sink itself has accumulated dirt in it. To avoid this situation, refer to tip number one and never procrastinate.
  • 5. Keep Clear to Look Good. Kitchen clutter is a definite turn-off for house guests. Make sure that counter tops, stovetops, and sink remain clear or mess free. Draining boards should also be kept tidy and well organized so that dishes don’t get piled up at any time.

Owning a house as a result of one’s hard work is already something to be proud of. But maintaining a well-kept home fit for entertaining guests is a feather on the homemaker’s cap. More so if their home has a kitchen that is always in tip top shape.

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  1. These are some great tips! Thank you! I need to do some cleaning before my husband gets home from deployment

  2. Very helpful tips. We should always maintain our kitchen clean to avoid germ build up.

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