To Bare or Not To Bare: How to Use Full Wall Windows to Suit Your Needs


Having a wall of windows is a growing preference of homeowners especially in locations where there are great views. Even those living in condominiums and urban apartment can choose to have such windows for a wonderful view of the cityscape at night. There are pros and cons of having this kind of window though. Knowing how to deal with these factors can help you decide on whether you are going to bare or not to bare.

The best thing that people like about these windows is the way they bring the natural light into the house. Whether in country homes or in smaller urban spaces, the natural light that streams into these windows can brighten up any space like no other type of artificial lighting can. Plus, there are also environmental benefits to using these windows. With the availability of natural light, there is no need to use electricity to turn on your light bulbs.

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The biggest issue about using full wall windows is privacy. Since they are too open, people outside can easily see what’s inside. Even if you do not want to think about such negative things as the possibility of attracting burglars, there is still the matter of your personal privacy to think about. You certainly do not want to be a peep show for the passers-by out on the sidewalk.

To address the cons and to be able to enjoy the pros, here are some tips you may want to consider:

Have sheer curtains that still let in the light but give you ample coverage against prying eyes. Your fabric store would most likely have these curtains in various sizes. Or you can have them custom-made with the exact dimensions of your window. Choose white or beige for a barely-there look and feel.

Install blinds that you can draw open or close depending on what you fancy. You can choose to open up in the mornings and then draw the blinds at night when you are getting ready to cozy up and share private moments with your family. You can choose Roman blinds in lighter fabric for coverage that does not look too heavy on the eyes.

There are some types of windows that can effectively bring the outside light in but is not see-through from the outside. Think of it like a one-way mirror where you can see the other side but those on the other side cannot see you. Ask your local home depot or window specialist about these window options.

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