Establish a Career as an Interior Designer

Establish a Career as an Interior Designer

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Here’s a fact: being an interior designer means having one of the most rewarding, high-paying jobs most people aspire for. Many want a career in interior design as it allows the use of creativity and offers many benefits, including becoming your own boss. Perhaps this is one reason why most people choose to tread the path towards an interior design and decorating career to enjoy the freedom and financial returns that come with it.

People who usually hire interior designers have the means to finance the decorating works ranging from simple to personalized, traditional to contemporary, and minimalist to luxurious. Being an interior designer gives you the opportunity to walk into beautiful, opulent structures like homes, buildings, and even yachts and to meet interesting people, including the rich and the famous. All interior design decorating jobs involve the creative use of fabrics, furniture, and accessories to form one cohesive space. Designers work to fashion out a space that is not only functional and safe but is also aesthetically delightful where people can find pleasure as they stay in it. There are many options awaiting those who have the talent and skill in interior design.

These include home interior design wherein the designer’s job would be enhancing and beautifying home interiors, hospitality interior design in which a designer creates a functional look intended for a particular structure (hotels, convention centers, hospitals, resorts, etc.), and interior design for staging that involves preparing a house for sale to make it appealing to potential buyers.

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Apart from the traditional scope of choosing artworks, furnishings, window treatments, carpeting, and lightings, interior designers are also responsible for designing architectural features such as bookcases, fireplaces, and other niches. This makes it important for interior designers to work in close coordination with architects and other concerned people during construction to provide recommendations regarding the placement of windows, doors, recesses, cabinets, electrical wiring, and other interior elements. This also necessitates the need for interior designers to have the ability to read blueprints. There must also be familiarity with rulings pertaining to building construction such as fire codes and accessibility law.

Statistics show that those who have an interior design and decorating career are expected to increase in the years to come. This generally comprises of freelancers who provide design services on a contract basis. While most designers are required to possess an associate’s degree in interior design, it takes one to have a bachelor’s degree to become a full-pledged designer most preferred by moneyed individuals and established companies to handle their decorating needs.

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