Top Tips for Teaching Kids to Be Green

Top Tips for Teaching Kids to Be Green


The concept of being green isn’t just something that adults should consider when they’re old enough to make a difference – people of all ages can do their bit for the environment and, if we all made a few little changes, the positive impact on the world around us would be incredible. As more and more research is aimed at global warming and climate change, now would be a perfect time to get your kids on board and encourage them to go green, too.

As adults, the changes that we can make are much more prominent, particularly when it comes to the savings we can make on our utility bills. Head online to find out the answer to the question, “what is the Green Deal?” for useful information about what changes you can make around your home, including home improvements that, without the deal, you may not be able to afford. By making these positive changes, you could see a huge saving in your monthly British Gas bill, as well as giving something back to the environment we live in.

When it comes to teaching your kids to be green, things have to be a little simpler. Here are a few fabulous ways in which you could get them on board in your energy-saving, sustainable living ideas.

walking, Top Tips for Teaching Kids to Be Green
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You could encourage them to:


  • Turn their bedroom lights off when they leave the room. It’s easy to forget to do this, even as adults, but if they did that in the morning or when they’re not in their room, it could save on energy usage enormously.
  • Set their laptop or PC to energy saving mode – if they’re too young to do this, you could help. Energy saving mode uses less energy than the usual mode; shutting laptops and PC’s down completely will save even more. Encourage them to turn the monitors off as well as the PC tower, to save as much as possible.
  • Turn off the stereo and video games consoles when they’re not being used – not just onto standby mode, but at the mains as well. That means the television that they’re playing the games on too!
  • Unplug the phone charger from the wall when they’re not charging their phone. Even when a phone isn’t attached to the charger, it can still drain the electricity it’s connected to.
  • Tell you if they feel a draught of air coming through their window, so that you can caulk it. This will mean that not only can they sleep without a draught, but the heat from the radiator won’t be escaping, either.
  • Ride their bike or walk wherever they can, rather than nagging you for a lift! The outdoors are a fabulous place to explore and a PlayStation is not a replacement for it. Riding and walking is great exercise and a fuel saver, too!

Everyone has the ability to save some money while being a little greener – encourage your children to join in too and make it a family effort!


  1. Kids learn by example!!! So if we as parents are being “green”, they will hopefully be the same way. Great article!!

  2. Lovely tips for kids to go green

  3. For my kids, we went on walks or bike rides to create our own way of saving on gas and getting in exercise. Sometimes, we used a flashlight and then they didn’t want to go back in at night. We also played and still play board games, dominoes and puzzles.

  4. Really good tips! It’s best if we teach kids from when they’re really young because then they’ll already have the ‘green’ attitude in them!

  5. Great tips, we’re always trying to get our kids to remember to turn off the lights.

  6. These are great tips for making small dents in the overall issue, but I believe that the biggest impact our children can have to eat a meat-free, unprocessed whole food – not only good for the environment but for them and other creatures as well!

  7. I think that’s a great idea! Teach them while they are young so they can learn it at an early age and continue to practice being green in their adult life so they can pass it to their kids as well.

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